The Honorable Susan G. Braden
, Chief Judge (Ret.), U.S. Court of Federal Claims (moderator)



The Honorable Paul R. Michel, Chief Judge (Ret.), U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit



Ashlyn Roberts, National Venture Capital Associations




Brad Watts, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center




Charles Crain, National Association of Manufacturers




A framework proposed by an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce would vastly expand the federal government’s ability to “walk in” on private entities’ intellectual property rights. Our panel of experts will explain this proposal’s sweeping impact and detail its significant legal and policy flaws.

Supporting Materials:

NIST Proposal

White House Fact Sheet on New Actions to Lower Costs

National Association of Manufacturers comment

National Venture Capital Associations comment

U.S. Chamber of Commerce comment

Comment Academic Scholars, Former Federal Judges (including Chief Judges Braden and Michel), and Former Government Officials 

Comment by Former Secretaries of Commerce, former heads of USPTO and NIST; Joint Comment by Association of American Universities, Association of Public Land Grant Universities, American Council of Education, American University Technology Manager, and the Association of Research Institutions; ABA Intellectual Property Section; and the Bayh-Dole Coalition

Comment by Council for Innovation Promotion

Comment by the Federal Trade Commission