Karyn A. Temple, Senior Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel, Motion Picture Association
Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection, Motion Picture Association and Head of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment

Program Description:
This program—the second in WLF’s Taking the Initiative on IP Protection webinar series—delves into the motion picture industry’s comprehensive approach to defending creators’ copyrights worldwide. We will discuss the various facets of this massive undertaking, which includes not only strategic litigation against infringers but also cooperation with domestic and international law enforcement; coordination with other content-creating industries; agreements with internet-economy companies, payment processors, and other businesses; and education. Our panelists will explain the broader implications of this effort for the U.S. economy and the viewing public and will share lessons learned from years of playing both offense and defense against a moving, constantly evolving target.

About the Taking the Initiative on IP Protection Series:
WLF’s Taking the Initiative on IP Protection webinar series features moderated discussions with industry leaders on businesses’ use of strategic litigation, voluntary agreements, and other proactive initiatives to safeguard their intellectual property. The series is premised on two notions. First, the free-enterprise system depends on private-property ownership and the right to enjoy the benefits from contributions to scientific and intellectual advancement. Second, intellectual-property owners cannot rely solely on government-initiated criminal or civil enforcement of intellectual property laws.