This WLF Litigation Division feature highlights WLF court and agency filings, as well as decisions issued in response to WLF’s filings. In this edition, we list January 2022 filings and results.

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Southwest Airlines v. Saxon—WLF urges the Supreme Court to Construe the FAA’s transportation-worker exemption in line with its statutory text and context.

Cooper Tire v. McCall—WLF asks the Supreme Court to review the Georgia Supreme Court’s holding that state courts may exercise general jurisdiction over any foreign company registering to do business in the State.

Earl v. The Boeing Co.—WLF urges the Fifth Circuit to reject class certification built on junk science.

In re Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Securities Litigation—WLF asks the Second Circuit to grant immediate appellate review of the district court’s certification order in a prominent securities class action.


U.S. ex rel. Sheldon v. Allergan—The Fourth Circuit joins other circuits in applying the Safeco test for willfulness in False Claims Act cases. **victory**

Axon v. FTC—The Supreme Court grants review in an important separation-of-powers case. **victory**

National Federation of Independent Businesses v. OSHA—The Supreme Court stays OSHA’s attempt to mandate vaccines for much of the nation’s workforce. **victory**

Rocket Mortgage v. Alig—The Supreme Court vacates a Fourth Circuit opinion and remands for reconsideration in light of intervening Supreme Court precedent on Article III standing. **victory**

BNSF Railway Co. v. Dannels—The Supreme Court declines to review a decision of the Montana Supreme Court that unfairly hamstrings railway companies in their efforts to defend, under federal law, personal-injury suits.

Bank of America v. Fund Liquidation Holdings LLC—The Supreme Court declines to review a Second Circuit decision requiring federal trial courts to exercise Article III jurisdiction in cases brought by non-existent plaintiffs who have no stake in the outcome of the litigation.

In re Walmart, Inc.—The Texas Supreme Court declines to grant mandamus relief limiting the scope of discovery in a major premises-liability case.