(Washington, DC)—Washington Legal Foundation President and CEO Connie Larcher today announced key leadership appointments as WLF enters its 44th year as America’s premier free-market law firm and policy center.

Larcher announced that attorney Glenn Lammi will assume the role of Executive Director. He will continue to lead WLF’s publishing and programs activities as Vice President of Legal Studies. Larcher also announced that attorney Cory Andrews will take on an expanded role as General Counsel and Vice President of Litigation.

“Glenn and Cory bring more than 40 combined years of WLF experience to the table,” she said. “Their dedication and expertise, combined with their great passion for WLF and its mission, uniquely equip them to help lead WLF into the future.”

Washington Legal Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) organization and accepts no government, taxpayer-funded grants. Our mission is to preserve and defend America’s free-enterprise system by educating, advocating, and litigating, for free-market principles, a limited and accountable government, individual and business civil liberties, and the rule of law.