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  • WLF asks the Ninth Circuit to reverse an order that certifies a class in an antitrust suit based on an averaging of the alleged harm suffered by the class members. (In re Packaged Tuna Antitrust Litigation)
  • WLF urges the Texas Supreme Court to vacate an appeals court decision that subjects a non-resident defendant to suit for claims unrelated to the defendant’s Texas activities. (Cessna Aircraft Co. v. Garcia)
  • WLF asks a federal district court to invalidate the Department of Labor’s extra-statutory regime for trying discrimination claims against government contractors. (Oracle America, Inc. v. Dep’t of Labor)


  • The Ninth Circuit remands an important climate-change lawsuit to the district court, directing it to reconsider whether it should have remanded the case to California state court. (City of Oakland v. BP)
  • The en banc Seventh Circuit declines to reconsider whether Bristol Myers Squibb’s due-process limits on personal jurisdiction apply to the claims of absent class members. (Mussat v. IQVIA, Inc.)