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WLF urges the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to ensure that civil litigation in the Commonwealth is procedurally fair to all parties. (In re Mass. R. Civ. P. 51)

WLF urges the Fourth Circuit to vacate a trial-court order that amounted to a de facto administrative rulemaking. (In re Cigar Ass’n of America)


The Department of Labor issues its final Joint Employer Rule, which sets out a narrow, four-part test for whether a business may be deemed a “joint employer” of another company’s employees. (In re Joint Employer Status under FLSA)

The U.S. Supreme Court denies certiorari to the Ninth Circuit, which held that a bare procedural harm under a state privacy statute satisfies Article III’s injury-in-fact requirement. (Facebook, Inc. v. Patel)

The Ninth Circuit denies rehearing in a decision that misconstrues the Federal Arbitration Act’s saving clause. (Tillage v. Comcast)

The Eighth Circuit holds that Missouri’s New Deal-era restrictions on the truthful commercial speech of alcohol makers, distributors, and retailers violate the First Amendment. (Mo. Broadcasters Assoc. v. Taylor)

The California Supreme Court declines to review whether, to constitute an appealable, final order, a trial court order must expressly resolve all issues and leave nothing else to be decided. (State Farm v. Lara)