WLF filed formal objections on March 2, 2001, with the First Judicial District Court of Santa Fe County, New Mexico, to the award of attorneys’ fees of approximately $8 million in a case where the class members are to receive no compensation whatsoever. In this case, a Santa Fe lawyer filed suit against the insurance company on behalf of policyholders claiming that the company failed to disclose fully the amount of additional payments charged when policyholders choose to pay their premium on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis rather than on an annual basis, and to disclose the effective interest rate for such payments. Although the company denied any liability, it has agreed to make the disclosures in the future so that policyholders can better decide whether to pay their premiums in installments or on an annual basis. Shortly after WLF filed its objection, the attorney withdrew his fee request, and the case is being reconsidered for settlement.