On June 29, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court clarified that its earlier decision prohibiting Congress from conditioning a U.S charity’s receipt of federal funds, or other public benefits, on the relinquishing of First Amendment rights does not protect the speech of a foreign affiliate of a U.S. entity. In its amicus brief, WLF argued that the First Amendment harm to the U.S. entity is not diminished just because the government’s speech compulsion is aimed at the U.S. entity’s clearly identified foreign affiliates. Although constitutional protections do not apply extraterritorially, here any constitutional violation resulting from government-compelled speech would harm the entire organization. WLF filed its amicus brief with the pro bono assistance of Douglas Dunham, Melanie MacKay, and Daniel Goldberg-Gradess of Dechert LLP.


 WLF brief