The Federal Trade Commission issued an opinion letter on February 10, 2005, rejecting a petition from an activist group urging greater regulation of product placement on television. The pro-regulatory petition had been filed by Commercial Alert, an activist group co-founded by Ralph Nader. Commercial Alert petitioned the FTC and the FCC in September, 2003, to adopt new regulations that would mandate a warning for all instances of product placement on television. In its response, WLF argued that product placements are not harmful or deceptive. WLF further argued that even if Commercial Alert could show some harm from product placements, the proposed regulations would violate freedom of speech as defined in U.S. Supreme Court cases. The FTC agreed with WLF’s position that paid product placement does not mislead or confuse consumers. The FTC’s ruling was a victory for WLF, which was the only public interest organization to file comments in opposition to the Commercial Alert proposal.