On February 24, 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declined to consider a WLF petition to eliminate “junk science” from the process by which it determines whether a substance is likely to cause cancer in humans. In a petition filed pursuant to the Information Quality Act (IQA), WLF had argued that EPA guidelines for determining human carcinogenicity violate the IQA because they are not based on sound science but rather on an EPA policy judgment that extreme caution should be adopted in connection with all substances that pose any possible cancer risk. EPA’s response asserted that because its guidelines constitute a “policy” document, the guidelines are not subject to the IQA. WLF pledged that, by the end of March 2006, it will file a petition for reconsideration of EPA’s decision. WLF filed its initial petition in August 2005 on behalf of itself and the American Council on Science and Health (“ACSH”).