On June 25, 2010, WLF filed a petition with the Justice Department, urging it to revise its regulations governing proceedings for the removal of illegal aliens. WLF charged that DOJ has failed to implement reforms adopted by Congress 14 years ago in an effort to streamline the removal process. The result of DOJ’s failure to act has been to allow aliens to linger in the country for years after they have been determined to be here illegally. WLF’s petition focuses on regulations governing motions to reopen final orders of removal. When it adopted immigration reform in 1996, Congress specified that aliens are entitled to file no more than one motion to reopen. DOJ regulations in place at the time also limited aliens to a single motion to reopen, but they recognized a broad set of exceptions to the one-motion rule. Despite the inconsistency between the DOJ regulations and the 1996 immigration reform law, DOJ never saw fit to revise its regulations to comply with the law, WLF explained.