On July 23, 2012, WLF filed comments with the New York City Board of Health (Board) urging it to reject the proposed ban on certain large sugary beverages – those that contain more than 25 calories per 8 fluid ounces and that exceed 16 ounces in size. WLF asserted that New York’s various separation of powers provisions undermine the Board’s authority to enact the ban. In order to fully understand the impact of the ban, economic and social concerns should be considered in addition to health concerns. Therefore, New York City’s council, and not the Board, is the appropriate body for enacting such legislation. WLF questioned whether the ban is a rationale way to reduce obesity, considering that various scientific studies undermine the ability of bans to affect consumption rates, and loopholes in the ban provide ways for consumers to obtain large quantities of sugary drinks the ban seeks to prevent. WLF argued that there are less intrusive means available to the Board to reduce obesity.