On June 9, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a brief order declining to review a federal jury’s $50 million award against Accenture, LLC for the alleged misappropriation of a trade secret. The Court’s order was a setback for WLF, which filed a brief urging that review be granted. The case raised important questions regarding a trial judge’s ability to delegate to the jury the important task of deciding whether, under Federal Rule of Evidence 702, a proffered expert witness’s testimony is reliable and based on sufficient facts. In its brief, WLF charged that this case is part of a disturbing trend in which courts are not heeding Rule 702’s gatekeeping requirements, but instead are allowing faulty expert testimony to reach jurors under the rationale that any reliability problems affect only the weight of the evidence, not its admissibility. WLF argued that this trend is particularly disturbing because such experts can have an outsized influence on juries, as occurred in this case.