This WLF Litigation Division feature highlights WLF court filings, as well as decisions issued in response to WLF’s court filings. In this edition, we list April 2024 filings and results.

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WLF urges the Eighth Circuit to set aside the FCC’s unlawful disparate-impact rule. (Minnesota Telecom Alliance v. FCC)

WLF urges EPA to deny California’s request for regulatory authorization under the Clean Air Act. (In re In-Use Locomotive Regulation)

WLF asks the Eighth Circuit to prevent States from overhauling federal prescription-drug benefit program. (PhRMA v. McClain)

WLF urges Supreme Court to review important securities case out of the Ninth Circuit. (NVIDIA Corp. v. E. Ohman J:or Fonder AB)

WLF calls on Supreme Court to clarify scope of disclosure obligations under federal securities law. (Facebook, Inc. v. Amalgamated Bank)

WLF asks Supreme Court to decide whether state or federal law governs climate-change litigation. (Sunoco LP v. City & County of Honolulu)


The FTC finalizes its controversial rule banning virtually all non-compete agreements nationwide. (In re Non-Compete Rule) 

A divided Second Circuit panel holds that federal law does not preempt New York’s ratemaking for broadband providers. (N.Y. State Telecom. Ass’n v. James)

The Supreme Court holds that the FAA’s transportation-worker exemption is not limited to workers in the transportation industry. (Bissonnette v. LePage Bakeries Park St., LLC)

The Supreme Court rejects the Second Circuit’s flawed reading of SEC Rule 10b-5. (Macquarie Infrastructure Corp. v. Moab Partners, LP) *victory*