This WLF Litigation Division feature highlights WLF court filings, as well as decisions issued in response to WLF’s court and agency filings. In this edition, we list February 2023 filings and results.

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In re LTL Management, LLC—WLF asks the Third Circuit to rehear en banc an important bankruptcy case.

In re Food Labeling: Nutrient Content Claims; Definition of Term “Healthy”—WLF urges the FDA to abandon proposed changes to regulations governing which foods may be labeled “healthy.”

In re Federal Acquisition Regulation—WLF calls on the Biden administration to withdraw a proposed rule that would require federal contractors to disclose greenhouse-gas emissions and climate-related risks and to set emissions-reduction targets.

In re JUUL Marketing Practices Litigation—WLF urges the Ninth Circuit to uphold Rule 23’s rigorous requirements for class certification.

Slack Technologies, LLC v. Pirani—WLF asks the Supreme Court to confirm federal securities law’s tracing requirement.


RJR Tobacco Co. v. Los Angeles—The Supreme Court declines to review a Los Angeles ordinance that imposes a different tobacco-product standard from the FDA’s federal tobacco-product standard.

Johnson & Johnson v. California—The Supreme Court declines to consider whether California’s consumer protection regime fails to give the business community fair notice of liability.

Vanderventer v. Hyundai—The Supreme Court of Wisconsin declines to ensure lower courts apply the expert-evidence rules that the Wisconsin Legislature enacted.