This WLF Litigation Division feature highlights WLF court filings, as well as decisions issued in response to WLF’s court and agency filings. In this edition, we list December 2022 filings and results.

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Johnson & Johnson v. California—WLF asks the Supreme Court to rein in California’s consumer protection regime, which fails to give the business community fair notice of liability.

Vanderventer v. Hyundai—WLF urges the Wisconsin Supreme Court to clarify the reliability threshold for admitting expert evidence.


Slack Technologies, LLC v. Pirani—The Supreme Court agrees to clarify the scope of liability in an important securities class action.

In re Reagan-Udall Foundation Operational Evaluation of FDA’s Tobacco Program—An oversight panel’s report urges FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products to establish and consistently apply transparent standards for vaping-product applications and improve its communications on the benefits of such products.

Trendsettah USA v. Swisher Int’l—The Supreme Court declines to hear an important case about appellate jurisdiction in the federal courts.

In re HIV Antitrust Litigation—The Ninth Circuit declines review of erroneous class-certification orders that improperly inflate the size and scope of the litigation.