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  • Daniel E. Troy, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and General Counsel, Valo Health, Inc., and former Chief Counsel, U.S. Food and Drug Administration 
  • Robert E. Johnston, partner, Hollingsworth LLP
  • Daniel J. Feith, counsel, Sidley Austin LLP and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Consumer Protection Branch, U.S. Department of Justice

About the Webinar:
The Supreme Court’s May 2019 Merck v. Albrecht decision clarified that judges, not juries, should analyze a prescription drug maker’s federal preemption defense in failure-to-warn suits. Under Albrecht, courts must decide whether companies could unilaterally add a warning under federal labeling rules. Our speakers will examine recent court decisions implicating warnings and preemption. Among the cases they will discuss is Janssen Pharm. v. A.Y., a state court decision that the company has appealed to the Supreme Court. The justices could rule on the certiorari petition as early as May 13.