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WLF reminds the FDA that its regulation of truthful manufacturer speech must comply with the First Amendment. (In re FDA Amendments to “Intended Uses” Regulations)

WLF urges the Supreme Court to rein in refusal-to-deal antitrust liability. (Comcast Corp. v. Viamedia, Inc.)

WLF asks the Supreme Court to correct a widespread misreading of an FTC Act remedy provision. (AMG Capital Management, LLC v. FTC)

WLF urges the EPA to ensure an impartial and balanced scientific peer-review process. (In re Membership on the Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals)


The Superior Court of Pennsylvania transfers to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania an important appeal that will decide the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s long-arm statute. (Mallory v. Norfolk Southern Railway Co.)

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania sidesteps the due-process bounds on state-court jurisdiction recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court. (Hammons v. Ethicon, Inc.)