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WLF asks the Supreme Court to review a securities class action with far-reaching implications. (Goldman Sachs Group v. Arkansas Teacher Retirement System)

WLF urges the Ninth Circuit to vacate a wildly overbroad trial court order that blocks all new oil and gas projects, nationwide. (N. Plains Res. Council v. Corps)

WLF asks the Supreme Court to adhere to the statutory text of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. (Facebook v. Duguid)

WLF urges the Seventh Circuit not to expand the Clean Water Act’s reach over certain groundwater releases. (Prairie Rivers Network v. Dynegy Midwest Generation, LLC)

WLF asks the Supreme Court to limit the Alien Tort Statute’s reach of liability. (Nestlé USA, Inc. v. Doe)

WLF urges the Texas Supreme Court to apply the Communication Decency Act’s free-speech protection as written. (In re Facebook, Inc.)