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  • The Ninth Circuit holds that a pharmaceutical trade group lacks standing to seek to enjoin a controversial new California law that imposes liability on drug makers for settling patent litigation. (Ass’n for Accessible Medicine v. Becerra)
  • The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania affirms a lower court decision holding that trial courts need not act as “gatekeepers” to ensure the reliability of expert evidence. (Walsh v. BASF Corp.)
  • The First Circuit decides that local Amazon delivery drivers cannot be contractually compelled to arbitrate disputes under the Federal Arbitration Act. (Waithaka v.
  • The Supreme Court grants review of a Ninth Circuit ruling that misreads an FTC Act remedy provision. (AMG Capital Management, LLC v. FTC)
  • The Supreme Court agrees to review a Ninth Circuit decision that would allow activists to seek to impose liability on U.S. companies for allegedly aiding and abetting human rights violations overseas. (Nestlé USA, Inc. v. Doe)