Evan M. Tager and Craig A. Woods, Partners, Mayer Brown LLP, and co-authors of WLF’s Monograph Admissibility of Expert Testimony: Manageable Guidance for Judicial Gatekeeping.


Expert testimony not only can decide the outcome of products-liability and toxic-tort lawsuits, but also can impact key rulings such as class-action certification and damages determinations. Judges must act as “gatekeepers,” the U.S. Supreme Court has proclaimed, to shield lay juries from what Justice Antonin Scalia called “expertise that is fausse and science that is junky.” Our speakers are two of a group of attorneys who authored a WLF Monograph, Admissibility of Expert Testimony: Manageable Guidance for Judicial Gatekeeping, released on January 15. The authors wrote this Monograph primarily for a judicial audience. In this Webinar, Tager and Woods will discuss how outside and in-house counsel can encourage judges to apply the Monograph’s principles and will present several of the publication’s case studies from a practitioner’s point of view.