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The compensation claims of injured railroad employees are governed exclusively by the Federal Employers Liability Act; States may not create alternative compensation schemes. (Dannels v. BNSF Railway Co.)

Certifying a plaintiffs’ class that may obtain billions of dollars in recovery without a showing of actual harm raises serious due process concerns. (In re Facebook Biometric Information Privacy Litig.)

Without meaningful reform, multi-district litigation (MDL) in the federal courts will continue to erode public confidence in the value and fairness of MDL proceedings. (In re Multi-District Litigation Reform)


Second Circuit refuses to rehear First Amendment challenge to New York City ordinance that bans advertisements in for-hire vehicles. (Vugo, Inc. v. City of New York)

Utah Supreme Court rules that implantable medical devices (unlike prescription drugs) are not always deemed “unavoidably unsafe” products and thus are not automatically exempt from strict products-liability suits. (Burningham v. Wright Medical Group)