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Because members of the board overseeing the restructuring of Puerto Rico’s debt were not appointed in accord with the Appointments Clause, the ultra vires court proceedings they filed must be dismissed. (Financial Oversight and Management Board v. Aurelius Investment, LLC)

Private landowners should not be allowed to impede EPA’s efforts to clean up Superfund sites by imposing additional demands under state law. (Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Christian)

California courts must stop state public policy to negate private agreements to arbitrate future disputes. (Tillage v. Comcast Corp.)

To prevail on a racial discrimination claim, a plaintiff must show that the alleged discrimination actually caused some injury. (Comcast Corp. v. NAAOM)

State governments that infringe copyrights should not be immune from liability to the copyright owner. (Allen v. Cooper)

The First Amendment prohibits New York City from banning advertisements in for-hire vehicle. (Vugo, Inc. v. City of New York)


The National Labor Relations Board, agreeing with WLF, holds that an employer who mistakenly misclassifies an employee as an “independent contractor” does not commit an unfair labor practice under the National Labor Relations Act. (In re Velox Express, Inc.)