Evan Tager is a Partner with Mayer Brown LLP in the firm’s Washington, DC office and is the WLF Legal Pulse‘s Featured Expert Contributor on Judicial Gatekeeping of Expert Evidence. Mr. Tager is joined on this post by Matthew Waring, an Associate with the firm.

When we reported in November 2018 on the Florida Supreme Court’s decision in DeLisle v. Crane Co., we predicted that the court’s decision to reject the “Daubert standard” for expert testimony might be “short-lived,” given that three of the Justices who had joined the majority—all of whom were generally perceived as “liberal” jurists—were about to retire and be replaced by a Republican governor. Last month, in In re Amendments to the Florida Evidence Code, the new roster of Justices proved us right and adopted Daubert. We aren’t surprised by the outcome, though we didn’t expect it to come quite so soon.