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  • Property owners are entitled to compensation under the Fifth Amendment when the government adopts land-use restrictions that deprive the owners of all economically beneficial use of their land. (Love Terminal Partners v. U.S.)
  • The Federal Trade Commission’s statutory authority to seek an injunction in federal court does not also authorize the Commission to seek monetary penalties. (FTC v. AMG Capital Management, LLC)
  • State courts may not exercise general personal jurisdiction over an out-of-state company simply because the company has registered to do business in the State. (Murray v. American LaFrance, LLC)


  • The U.S. Supreme Court rules that when an alien is convicted of a serious felony and is later released from state prison, immigration officials must continue to detain the felon while he awaits deportation. (Nielsen v. Preap)
  • Sitting en banc, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit affirms dismissal of an anititrust class action against auto insurance companies, ruling that allegations that insurers engaged in “parallel conduct” are insufficient to plead a conspiracy to violate antitrust laws. (Quality Auto Painting Ctr. of Roselle, Inc. v. State Farm Indem. Co.)