A number of ballot initiatives that we’ve been offering information and commentary on both here at The Legal Pulse and at Washington Legal Foundation’s Eating Away Our Freedoms site were put to a vote in California on Election Day.

At the state level, California voters rejected Proposition 37, which would have required mandatory labeling for most food products impacted by genetic engineering. Supporters at the outset of the Prop 37 campaign were loudly touting polls that reflected over 70% support for mandatory biotech labeling. The initiative failed in the end with 53% of the vote against.  Some news articles on the outcome and expected aftermath:

At the local level, the residents of two California towns, Richmond and El Monte, voted on the imposition of “sin” taxes on soda and other sugary drinks. Richmond voters rejected the taxes with 67% “no” votes, while 76% of El Monte voters turned down the levy. More here from Mercury News.