With two formally announced opinion release days left (June 18 and June 25), the U.S. Supreme Court currently has 14 undecided cases remaining on their October 2011 docket. As has been its custom in recent years, the Court is likely to add decision days to its calendar.

We at WLF have high hopes that the Court will conclude its business by June 25, so that the speakers at our annual end-of-the-term media briefing will have a full slate of cases to discuss. Our briefing will be held on Tuesday, June 26, 9:30-10:30 at our headquarters, 2009 Massachusetts Avenue, and also live online at www.wlf.org (free registration required). The press release is here. Our panel moderator will be The Honorable Dick Thornburgh, and our speakers will be Patricia Millett, Michael Carvin, and Gene Schaerr.

What does the Court have left to decide? In addition to the one (or ones, if the Court is so inclined, thought it’s doubtful) – HHS v. Florida (“ObamaCare”) – WLF has a distinct interest in the outcome of Christopher v. SmithKlineBeecham (courts’ deference to federal agencies), in which we filed an amicus brief, as well as Arizona v. U.S., in which we also filed an amicus brief.

Additional cases of interest remaining include:

  • First American Financial v. Edwards – a standing case argued back on November 28
  • FCC v. Fox – the First Amendment “fleeting expletive” case
  • U.S. v. Alvarez – the First Amendment “Stolen Valor” case