Bloomberg Businessweek published an article yesterday with the hopeful title, Consumers May See New Limits on Mandatory Arbitration. The article parroted and quoted the perspectives of activists and former government regulators like Elizabeth Warren and Public Citizen’s Deepak Gupta that arbitration is deeply unfair to consumers and deprives them of their day in court.

For another view on how arbitration clause challenges have fared in court in federal agencies, we encourage you to view Washington Legal Foundation’s Web Seminar program, Arbitration after AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion: Judicial, Regulatory, and Strategic Legal Responses to High Court’s 2011 Ruling. Mayer Brown LLP partners Andy Pincus and Evan Tager, who argued on behalf of AT&T Mobility in the case in the Supreme Court and in the Ninth Circuit, respectively, were our speakers.

This hour-long program requires free registration, and the video and audio broadcast must be viewed using Internet Explorer.