This morning, Washington Legal Foundation hosted a discussion and debate on the major issues the Supreme Court will hear during three days of oral argument on the constitutionality of the federal health care law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. CSPAN provided video coverage of the event.

Prepping For Judicial Surgery: A Crash Course on Healthcare Reform in the U.S. Supreme Court was moderated by Goldstein & Russell partner and WLF advisory board member Thomas Goldstein.  The program featured presentations by George Mason Law School Professor Ilya Somin, who authored an amicus brief for WLF and a group of constitutional scholars in the HHS v. State of Florida case, and Mayer Brown LLP partner Andrew Pincus, who authored a brief on behalf of another group of constitutional scholars in the case in support of the government’s position.

The program can be viewed in its entirety as an archived file at WLF’s website here or on CSPAN’s website here.