With the placement of an advocacy ad today in the national edition of The New York Times and the creation of a new website, WLF has introduced a new focused educational project, Eating Away Our Freedoms™.  

Activists, regulators, and lawyers, under the appealing cloak of “public health,” are advancing legal policies and litigation hostile to consumers.  Rather than trust us to make dietary decisions for ourselves and for our kids, they want control over the information Americans use to make choices, and want to influence what we eat and drink through regulation and media demonization. 

The interactive website, www.EatingAwayOurFreedoms.org, as well as WLF’s existing publishing, litigation, and communicating activities, will focus on and counter the activists’ use of the courts, regulators, and the media to advance their unpopular, paternalistic agenda. 

The site offers opportunities for interaction, including the ability to sign up to receive regular emails with updates on Eating Away Our Freedoms™ activities as well as a separate Participate page where thoughts, suggestions, and information that we can utilize in the project can be shared.