A year ago, The Legal Pulse shined a spotlight on the long time that Supreme Court-watchers and, more importantly, business leaders and investors, were forced to wait for the Justices to decide free enterprise cases. As of June 14, 2010, four critical cases were either pushing or over 200 calendar days since they had been argued orally.

With more opinions expected tomorrow, we thought for comparison’s sake we would look at where the Court is this year in terms of undecided cases with major economic impact:

1. Brown v. Entertainment Merchants, California ban on sale of video games to minors: 189 days.

2. Goodyear Lux. Tires v. Brown, personal jurisdiction for foreign corporation: 154 days.

3. Smith v. Bayer, state court class action: 148 days.

4. Stern v. Marshall, bankruptcy jurisdiction, 148 days.

5. Wal-Mart v. Dukes, class action certification: 80 days.

6. Actavis v. Mensing, generic drug preemption: 79 days.

7. AEP v. Connecticut, climate change as public nuisance: 58 days.

8. Sorrell v. IMS Health, business use of health data: 52 days.