Finger on the Pulse: From our Blogroll and Beyond will be a weekly feature on The Legal Pulse, providing references to stories, analyses, and information relevant to the work of the Washington Legal Foundation and of interest to our friends and allies.

Friday, April 23

  •  Bounty-hunters for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? (Morgan Lewis & Bockius)
  •  Private enforcement of The Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act? (FDA Law Blog)
  •  Professor Bill Lerach (Ideoblog)
  •  Warning letters, untitled letters, advisory letters from the 300-pound FDA gorilla (Drug & Device Law)
  •  Sodium regulation a precursor to activist litigation? (Shopfloor)
  •  New health care law vulnerable to constitutional challenge (Volokh)
  •  Analysis of U.S. v. Stevens Scotus Ruling (Josh Blackman)
  •  The Lorax and property rights (Jonathan Adler on Volokh)
  •  Activist Doug Kendall on courts & climate change (Slate)
  •  Judge overseeing Google Book Suit settlement confirmed to 2nd Circuit – now what? (Laboratorium)