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10/16/2014 — Law360:
Wyndham Attracts Outside Support In FTC Data Security Row
10/9/2014 — Fortune:
Women’s Rights Group Weighs In For—Chevron?!?
9/9/2014 — Liberty Voice:
Sugar Labeling War Warming Up in Washington
9/8/2014 — Reuters:
BP's Friends at the Supreme Court: New Faces, Old Arguments
8/5/2014 — Food Litigation News:
Constitutionality of Nutrition Facts Proposal Questioned
6/30/2014 — WLF Legal Pulse:
New York Court of Appeals Upholds Local Ordinances Restricting Hydraulic Fracturing
4/28/2014 — Wall Street Journal:
Mexico’s Anti-Market Antitrust Law
3/12/2014 — Bloomberg BusinessWeek:
An Obscure Pharma Lawsuit Puts California Tech Titans on Edge
3/11/2014 — Reuters:
Has Supreme Court lost its zeal to curb consumer class actions?
3/5/2014 — Legal Newsline:
WLF says Mont. Supreme Court made error in certifying class
2/24/2014 — Health News Daily:
Ball In Judge’s Court In Combination Product Classification Suit
2/20/2014 — The New York Times:
As Obama Vows to Act on Climate Change, Justices Weigh His Approach
2/20/2014 — Cronista.com:
Richard Samp: "“La apelación argentina tiene cero posibilidad de éxito”" (The Argentina Appeal has little chance of success)
2/20/2014 — Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology:
The Role of State Antitrust Law in the Aftermath of Actavis
2/20/2014 — Fox News.com:
The Stakes Are High in Supreme Court Case on EPA Reach
2/13/2014 — Legal Newsline:
Legal foundation to Federal Circuit: Burden of proof should remain with alleged patent infringers
2/1/2014 — Medical Marketing and Media:
As I See It: FDA and the First Amendment
1/15/2014 — Akron Beacon Journal:
Foundation asks New York court to invalidate fracking bans
1/8/2014 — Reuters:
FDA punts again on GMO labeling, in boon to class action plaintiffs
9/26/2013 — WLF Legal Pulse:
Ninth Circuit Endorses Gaming of Class Action Fairness Act & Creates Circuit Split
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