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4/23/2015 — OIRA Watch:
U.S. Information Quality Act Filing Reveals Patent Assertion Entity Propaganda
4/22/2015 — One News Now:
5th Amendment in the mix in 'raisin case'
4/22/2015 — IJ Review:
Fed Gov’t Hired 24/7 Security Team to Bring Down Outlaw Farmer for Raisin’ a ‘Dangerous’ Product
4/20/2015 — OverLawyered:
Labor and Employment Roundup
4/15/2015 — FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report:
Is SEC Heading toward a Strict Liability Application of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?
4/15/2015 — Law.com:
Ninth Circuit Urged To Reject Class Action 'Shortcut' in Xbox Case
4/15/2015 — Forbes:
Supreme Court Has Opportunity To Halt Lawsuits By Uninjured Plaintiffs
4/14/2015 — Bloomberg BNA:
Third Circuit Reversal in Wal-Mart Gun Case Provides ‘Relief for the Corporate Community’
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4/14/2015 — Forbes:
Two Cheers For The Tenth Circuit's Temporary Stay Of The CPSC's New Magnet Safety Standard
4/13/2015 — Bloomberg BNA:
In Resolving Wal-Mart-Investors’ Gun Sales Fight,Third Circuit Expects Resolution Within the Week
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4/8/2015 — CBC-The Current Radio:
Spider-man patent case could impact medical research law
4/8/2015 — Washington Examiner:
Supreme Court could weigh local mandates on drug makers
4/8/2015 — Litigation Daily:
Wal-Mart Asks Third Circuit to Holster Gun Sales Proposal
4/1/2015 — Food Processing Magazine:
GMO Labeling Bill Reintroduced in Congress
3/30/2015 — Financial Times:
Cristina Fernández holds out for victory in debt battle
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3/27/2015 — Law360:
High Court Could End Long Ban On Expired-Patent Royalties
3/26/2015 — Bloomberg:
Citigroup Reprieve Is Hollow as Argentina’s Cash Remains Blocked
3/26/2015 — JDSupra:
Supreme Court’s Omnicare Decision Follows Middle Path Advocated by Lane Powell and WLF
3/25/2015 — Food Processing Magazine:
Dietary Guidelines May Eat Away at Freedom
3/25/2015 — Forbes.com:
The Supreme Court Should Not Abandon 'Stare Decisis' in 'Kimble' Case Given Reliance Interest
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