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3/26/2015 — Bloomberg:
Citigroup Reprieve Is Hollow as Argentina’s Cash Remains Blocked
3/26/2015 — JDSupra:
Supreme Court’s Omnicare Decision Follows Middle Path Advocated by Lane Powell and WLF
3/25/2015 — Food Processing Magazine:
Dietary Guidelines May Eat Away at Freedom
3/25/2015 — Forbes.com:
The Supreme Court Should Not Abandon 'Stare Decisis' in 'Kimble' Case Given Reliance Interest
3/18/2015 — Inside Counsel:
The 2015 proxy season: Shareholder activism is the ‘new normal’
3/17/2015 — Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society:
Legal Analysis: FDA 'Pet Peeves' Could Lead to Bans on Drug Companies
3/10/2015 — Our American Constitution:
King v. Burwell: The Latest Obamacare Mess at the Supreme Court
3/9/2015 — The Hill:
Put teeth in congressional review
3/5/2015 — Forbes:
A Second Look At EPA Findings
3/5/2015 — Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:
Health care subsidy battle aired in court: For 34 states, insurance aid hinges on four words in law
3/5/2015 — Chicago Tribune:
Justice who once tried to kill health care law now its potential savior
3/5/2015 — Los Angeles Daily Journal:
Opinion Editorial: Backdoor Natural Gas Regulation on Trial
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3/4/2015 — Bloomberg Business:
Justice Who Once Tried to Kill Obamacare Now Potential Savior
3/3/2015 — Bloomberg News:
Justice Kennedy Has Strong Questions for Obamacare Challengers
3/3/2015 — NBC News:
Supreme Court tackles another case challenging Affordable Care Act
2/26/2015 — National Review Online:
The Busy Reader’s Guide to Amicus Briefs in King v. Burwell
2/25/2015 — Arkansas Business:
Wal-Mart Battles Manhattan Church Concerned About Firearm Sales
2/20/2015 — Inside EPA:
EPA Critics Float New Strategy To Challenge Agency Rules Using Data Law
2/17/2015 — Forbes:
Advertisers Develop Voluntary Program To Deter Unwitting Online Ad Support Of Copyright Pirates
2/17/2015 — Lexology:
FDA to study limiting major statement in direct-to-consumer (DTC) TV ads amid concern that consumers are not comprehending risks
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