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7/25/2016 — Bloomberg Law: Pharmaecutical Law and Industry Report:
Case Affirming Food Co. Execs' Jail Terms Affects Drug, Device Firms
7/19/2016 — The Daily Signal:
Bad Eggs? Executives Can Go to Prison Despite Ignorance of Harms Others Did
7/18/2016 — Legal Newsline:
Salmonella case brings corporate culpability into focus
7/12/2016 — Forbes.com - Legal Newsline:
Attorney: DOJ's Pursuit Of Post Office's Competitors Continues History Of Hypocrisy
6/30/2016 — Bloomberg Law: Banking:
Rehearing Sought in Case Backing CFPB Enforcement Authority
6/22/2016 — Westlaw Environmental Journal:
Fourth Circuit Misconstrues North Carolina’s Statute of Repose—and State’s High Court Cannot Help
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6/21/2016 — Corporate Counsel Magazine:
5 Takeaways for GCs from RJR Nabisco's SCOTUS Win
6/20/2016 — Cato @ Liberty:
Feds’ Case Against FedEx Crashes and Burns
6/20/2016 — Financial Times:
RJR Nabisco wins legal battle with EU
6/17/2016 — Forbes.com:
The Supreme Court's 'Universal Health' Ruling: A Net Win For Federal Government Contractors
6/11/2016 — Bloomberg Law: Product Safety & Liability Reporter:
Execs' Prison Terms Spark Legal, Food Industry Debate
6/6/2016 — National Law Journal:
Justices Want Obama Administration Views on No-Cash Pay-to-Delay Agreements
6/1/2016 — National Law Journal:
Justices Take Dispute Over False Claim Act's Sealing Requirement
6/1/2016 — Politico.com:
NLRB makes new law on permanent replacements
5/12/2016 — The Hill:
Food groups seethe over ‘added sugar’ on labels
5/2/2016 — Corporate Counsel Magazine:
Waiving Attorney-Client Privilege Is Easier Than You Think
4/25/2016 — FoodNavigator USA:
What next for 'natural' claims? KIND urges court to leave issue with the FDA
4/11/2016 — Law.com:
Awaiting the Federal Circuit's Decision on Venue in Patent Cases
4/11/2016 — Medical Marketing and Media:
The FDA's Actions Open Door to 'Truthful, Non-Misleading' Marketing
3/23/2016 — The Guardian:
Big pharma, tobacco, tech - how the first amendment is being abused
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