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9/1/2015 — Drug and Device Law Blog:
Guest Post: Game of Thrones, the FDA under Attack, an In-house View of Amarin
9/1/2015 — FDA Law Blog:
Latest Developments in the Amarin Litigation -- Does Settlement Loom? And what would it mean?
8/31/2015 — Washington Lawyer:
Commercial Speech and the Evolution of the First Amendment
8/26/2015 — National Law Journal:
Business Advocates Criticize High Court Denials in Key Cases
8/25/2015 — Lexology:
WLF Working Paper assesses Ninth Circuit preemption
8/21/2015 — Food Navigator USA:
Judge stays General Mills trans fat class action
8/18/2015 — American Council on Science and Health:
FDA adding confusion with "added sugars" label
8/17/2015 — Broadcast & Cable:
ISP Friends Weigh In on Open Internet Issue
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7/27/2015 — ProfessorBainbridge.com:
Has the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine run amok?
7/22/2015 — PoliZette:
Hacked by Federal Hypocirsy
7/13/2015 — Corporate Counsel:
Outraged But Uninjured: Should You Be Able to Sue?
7/8/2015 — National Law Journal:
Justices' Business Docket Heating Up Next Term
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6/26/2015 — Washington Examiner:
U.S. SC sides with Marvel in patent dispute over Spider-Man toy
6/25/2015 — SCOTUSBlog:
Symposium: Supreme Court's victory for disparate impact includes a cautionary tale
6/23/2015 — Food Navigator USA:
Has FDA's Determination on PHOs Provided Ammo for New Wave of Class Action Lawsuits Over Trans Fats?
6/23/2015 — Los Angeles Times:
High court rules against raisin board in dispute over setting aside crops to prop up prices
6/23/2015 — Tribune News Service:
U.S. Supreme Court Sides With Raisin Farmer in Crop Seizure Case
6/22/2015 — D&O Disocurse Blog:
Hey There Fellow Securities Defense Lawyes: Omnicare Is GOOD for Us!
6/17/2015 — Politico.com:
It's Official: Obama axes trans fat
6/17/2015 — The Federalist:
Why the Trans Fat Ban Is Worse than You Think
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