Case Detail

Ysbrand v. DaimlerChrysler Corp.
On March 17, 2003, WLF filed a brief in the Oklahoma Supreme Court, urging the court to limit the certification of nationwide class actions. WLF argued that plaintiffs' lawyers often bring such nationwide class actions as a means of coercing a settlement, without regard to the merits of the suits. WLF argued that a nationwide class action was wholly inappropriate in this case (a product liability suit against a car manufacturer, alleging that the cars were outfitted with defective air bags) because different sets of laws apply to class members from different states.
Case Status:
Rehearing denied. Petition for U.S. Supreme Court review denied June 28, 2004.
More Information and Downloads:
4/10/2003: Download the Brief
3/17/2003: Download the Brief

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