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CONVERSATIONS WITH: Trolling, Licensing & Litigating: A 21st Century Patent Paradigm?
Topic: Intellectual Property
Featuring The Honorable Dick Thornburgh, Of Counsel to the law firm K&L Gates LLP; Thomas C. Ewing, Counselor, Avencept LLP; and Professor Robin Feldman, University of California, Hastings College of the Law.
Conversations With, Winter 2013, 8 pages
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In this edition of Washington Legal Foundation’s Conversations With, former Attorney General of the United States and Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh leads a discussion with Thomas L. Ewing, an attorney and patent counselor with Avencept LLC, and Professor Robin Feldman of the University of California Hastings College of the Law, on the lucrative practice of monetizing patents.  Rather than utilizing patents to produce and sell products or services, an increasing number of “non-practicing entities” purchase, hold, and aggregate patents for the purpose of earning licensing fees or using the patents as weapons in litigation.  Mr. Ewing and Professor Feldman discuss the positives and negatives of such activity; explain the different actors involved, from “patent trolls” to defensive patent aggregators; and assess legal policy devices which may reduce abuses that can arise from patent monetization.

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